Wind Crest™ NEW Electric Induction Cooktops

The most energy efficient cooking method available

If you want the best of what traditional gas and electric radiant cooking methods have to offer – you want an Induction cooktop!  Unlike any other cooking method, induction directs 90% of the heat where you want it – to the pan. Induction creates an electromagnetic field by using the ferrous content of the pan* as the heat generator, resulting in nearly twice the energy efficiency of gas or traditional radiant electric. The result is an extraordinary way to cook that is faster and safer!  Since the majority of the heat is absorbed by the pan, your cooking surface remains cool. Foods won’t burn onto the cooking surface, which makes clean-up a breeze!


Wind Crest™ Induction Cooktops feature AutoPanSensing™  which automatically matches the heat transfer to the pan’s diameter, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing residual heat loss. Our AutoOff™ feature shuts the cooking zone off if a pan is removed or overheats, and prevents the zone from being turned on if an object other than a pan is placed on the cooktop, resulting in unmatched safety.

All of our Induction Cooktops are equipped with multiple heat transformers, enabling true maximum power from zone to zone – no power sharing.

Induction Cooktops are available in 30 or 36 inch widths and feature a frameless design with a subtle textured pattern on a Ceramic glass. 

*Not sure if your pans will work on induction?  Place a magnet on the bottom, if it sticks, it will work!

  CTI304D – 30” Induction Cooktop  

  CTI365D 36” Induction Cooktop  

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